Film più lunghi della storia

  1. “The Clock” del 2010 di Christian Marclay (durata 1.440 minuti – 24 ore)
  2.  “Out 1: Noli me tangere” del 1971 di Jacques Rivette (durata 729 minuti – 12 ore e 9 minuti)
  3. “Melancholia” del 2008 di Lav Diaz (durata 450 minuti – 7 ore e 30 minuti)
  4.  “Sátántangó” del 1994 di Béla Tarr (durata 432 minuti – 7 ore e 12 minuti)
  5. “Napoléon” del 1927 di Abel Gance (durata 330 minuti – 5 ore e 30 minuti)

The Clock is an art installation by video artist Christian Marclay. It is a looped 24-hour video supercut (montage of scenes from film and television) that feature clocks or timepieces. The artwork itself functions as a clock: its presentation is synchronized with the local time, resulting in the time shown in a scene being the actual time. 

Marclay developed the idea for The Clock while working on his 2005 piece Screen Play. With the support of the London-based White Cube gallery, he assembled a team to find footage, which he edited together over the course of three years. Marclay debuted The Clock at White Cube’s London gallery in 2010. The work garnered critical praise, winning the Golden Lion at the 2011 Venice Biennale. Its six editions were purchased by major museums, allowing it to attract a widespread following.



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