Acquari più grandi del mondo

  1. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, quasi 49 milioni di litri
  2. S.E.A. Aquarium, 45 milioni di litri
  3. Oceanografic, 42 milioni di litri
  4. Georgia Acquarium, quasi 38 milioni di litri
  5. Dubai Mall Aquarium, 10 milioni di litri

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a theme park situated in HengqinZhuhai, People’s Republic of China. It is designed by PGAV Destinations. The park broke ground on 28 November 2010 and soft-opened on 28 January 2014. The grand opening occurred on 29 March that year. The first phase of the park cost RMB 10 billion to build. It is part of the Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort, which aims to become the “Orlando of China”. According to TEA and AECOM, it is the 10th most visited theme park in the world in 2018, with 10.83 million visitors.

Among its attractions are a wide range of amusements rides, animal shows, as well as the world’s largest oceanarium with a total of 48.75 million litres (10.72 million UK gal; 12.87 million US gal) of water. The theme park currently has five Guinness World Records under its name.



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